Jun 26, 2016
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2.61ct Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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  • This enthralling vintage inspired round cut designer channel set diamond engagement ring will captivate you with its beauty. This stunning 2.36 ct round cut center diamond is GIA certified. It is entirely white, flawless and features an exceptional cut. It is beautifully engraved in artistic detailed by hand along the platinum shank. This engagement ring rests nicely on the finger with an extraordinary presence. A perfect give for your better half!

    I have great news for that man that wants to get a simply beautiful and enchanting ring for that special lady in his life.

    Right here we have a 2.36 center round cut center diamond engagement ring, this beauty is GIA certified and is certain to make that special lady say yes without thinking twice about it,

    Yes, it’s that pretty! I mean if you held it and gazed on the beautiful eye candy you will understand what I meant by enchanting, the diamond features a peculiar cut, all white and exceptionally flawless. It cutely rests on your finger adding an extraordinary glow to the wearer.


    • It’s quite affordable
    • It’s a magnificent work of art
    • It makes a great Gift for that special person.
    • The diamond cut is impeccable and unique


    • I sincerely couldn’t find a thing wrong with this product.

    Final verdict

    If you are searching for that special present to give to your lady or mom, you have found yourself the perfect one; it is sure to put an emotional smile on the person that you intend to give it to.

    She will love, cherish and appreciate this beauty, I’ve asked many ladies in my life, and I am completely honest, so place an order while it’s still in stock.

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