Aug 15, 2016
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24 Hours Wall Clock

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  • Change the way you perceive your day with the 24-Hour Today Wall Clock. It will give a new perspective to look at each day in the 24-hour cycle as it moves at half the pace than the normal 12-hour clock. It works by showing time from the perspective of dawn, noon, dusk and midnight and the slow pace give a feeling of having enough time to schedule each day.

    Are you sick and tired of the way time flies? Well Scott Thrift has kind of solved that problem for you, the founder takes a long view on things, The Brooklyn-based creator has been making crazy clocks for decades now commencing with The Present season watch an incredible work of creativity which was loved by a lot of people and now He is here with a new one called The Today, the clock is said to slow down time thereby allowing you have enough time to achieve your Goals and correctly.

    Today tells the whole tale of a single day. From day to night the single-handed clock shows the time in twenty-four hours and without numbers.

    This might be the Gift for that loved one as there are not many products out there that remind you to take it slow, the founder is doing us a lot of good by creating this relaxing and amusing clocks, therefore giving me another reason to spend my hard earned money, but the good news is that it’s worth every penny I spend on it.


    • It is a beautiful work of art and will make your room look unique and special to any eye.
    • It is made of gorilla glass and bamboo, making it scratch proof and quite rigid.
    • It teaches it’s owner to take it slow.


    • Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything wrong with this clock; it’s perfect.

    Final Verdict

    I think Scott Thrift is a genius and I pray he keeps getting new ideas that will blow our minds like The Today Clock, now I know what to get my mom for her anniversary.

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