Jul 23, 2016
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The 3-String Electric Guitar

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  • Form quick chords with the 3-String Electric Guitar. Made out of real wood, this one is same as another guitar even though it looks small. The Loong Guitar is delivered as an unassembled set, and the user can have fun assembling the guitar before using it. Use it along with the Loong iOS app to get quickly started with music lessons.

    The string electric guitar is so small and cute but do not mistake it for a toy: it is an actual guitar that is made from real wood and fitted with a loud pickup that sounds fantastic no matter the style in which you play.

    110.2 - The 3-String Electric Guitar

    It has just three strings and a narrow neck, so it’s easier for little kids to create chords and make sense of whatever it is they are playing. The Guitar comes unassembled because it is believed that building your very own guitar is an experience capable of strengthening the bond between your instrument in a deeper and much more emotional level.

    It also creates a bonding experience between kids and their parents, builds the guitar together with your children and shares some love via music. The Guitar pairs with its iOS app that is filled with video instructions and tutorials designed to get you playing some music yourself and not just exercises or scales from day one.

    51ZPoLX4GL - The 3-String Electric Guitar


    • This is a perfect Gift for your kid
    • It is very educational as well as fun
    • Its price is quite reasonable
    • Very pleasing design


    • It contains choking hazards it isn’t for kids that are under the age of three.

    Final Verdict

    I wholeheartedly recommend this guitar, it is a perfect gift for music-loving kids, and it is capable of growing the talent of talented kids, I got one for my nephew, he is attracted to the guitar, now he can have a cute, small and very real guitar to play some jams with.

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