Jul 20, 2016
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3D Planet Lollipop

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  • 3D Planet Lollipop

    Taste the deliciously fabulous 3d planet candy from vintage collection, every pack consists of six flavors in it, and beautiful pictures of 3d planets; these tasty and beautifully designed lollipops are surprisingly handmade in the United States.

    It will taste good to eat a planet with the 3D Planet Lollipop from Vintage Confections. Each pack contains six flavors in it with real 3D images of planets. The lollipops are handmade in the United States and there is no compromise done over the taste to deliver these intricately crafted toffees manufactured by the pioneers in edible art.

    Beware of the fakes, knock offs and counterfeiters! On here you get the original six flavors per set 3d planet toffees, always fresh and refreshing; no kid will deny its excellent and exciting taste!


    • It’s a lovely Gift for kids and even adults.
    • It’s very affordable.
    • It has a healthy amount of sugar.
    • Its design is just unbeatable.


    • There are plenty imitations out there, but there’s good news: here’s the original one.

    Final Verdict

    This is the best toffee in the market! My kid brother loved it, and so did I and my aunt, I bought a few more to give some friends, and I’m one hundred percent confident they will love it.

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