Jul 23, 2016
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Attack on Titan Maneuvering Equipment

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  • Attack on Titan Maneuvering Equipment

    I have excellent news for the Attack of Titans game fans, introducing the attack of Titan maneuvering equipment.

    It doesn’t have the ability to make you fly, but at least you will look like Eren. Its designers have made it look exactly like the original maneuvering equipment seen in the popular and exciting video game and series.

    Become Eren with this Attack of Titan Vertical Maneuvering Equipment. It is one of the most celebrated pieces of the Master Stars Piece Series and you can now become a proud possessor of one. The paints and sculpting have been intricately done to closely resemble the actual equipment. The product is 3.5”*4.7**7.1 “ size.

    Attack of Titan Vertical Maneuvering Equipment - Attack on Titan Maneuvering Equipment

    The sculpting and painting were intricately done to virtually resemble the real maneuvering equipment used by Even and his friends in the attack on Titan video game, and it’s quite awesome to own one of these.


    • It looks exactly like the real maneuvering equipment that our heroes used in the video game.
    • It is the perfect gift to offer your attack of Titan fan kid, siblings or relative.
    • It has a friendly price tag
    • The maneuvering equipment looks much better in real life than it does on here.


    • It won’t make you fly like in the movie; it’s just a decoration.

    Final Verdict

    I think the attack on Titans fans will love this item, so if your kid loves this movie, make it a surprise gift to him, and he’ll be happy for days.

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