Jul 29, 2016
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Attack on Titans Cloak Hoodie

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  • Enjoy cosplay with this Green Cape with Hoodie from Angelico’s. This cloak hoodie cape can turn you into an incredible anime character like the Shingeki No Kyojin Attack on Titans. It comes in three sizes, S, M and L and the fabric is cotton blend. Enjoy role playing with this high-quality cape.

    Let the movie come to life with this cloak hoodie, let the kids enjoy cosplay with this awesome Green Cape with hoodie from the Angelico’s. This body friendly cloak hoodie cape will turn your child or even you into a perfect anime character like the shingeki no kyojin Attack on Titans. It was made to come in three sizes, small, medium and large and it’s made with cotton making it absolutely body friendly. So what are you waiting for? Get one, two or more and enjoy role playing with comfort and style.

    B00UMLCT881 - Attack on Titans Cloak Hoodie


    • It’s made with cotton which makes it a high-quality wear.
    • It will make a shingeki no kyojin attack on Titans fan happy
    • It’s very affordable.
    • It is body friendly
    • Your kid will love it.
    • It’s absolutely comfortable
    • It’s s perfect Gift for your Attack on Titan fan kid.


    • I was thinking of getting a black attack on Titan hoodie, but it only comes in one color (green)

    Final Verdict

    I believe that this product is worth your money and think you should get your size and your kid’s size and enjoy it while the product is still available. Cheers!

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