Jul 30, 2016
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Awning Room with Floor

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  • Make your perfect trekking trip across the hot deserts or the dense forests with this 2500 Awning Room with Floor. The dimension is 2500 by 2500 and it has two windows with blinds. There is the homely secure feeling provided by the zippered door. Mesh and solid panels provide extra protection and the whole awning is held to the ground with steel pegs.

    I got great news for campers, a product that will make your camping in the dense forests or trekking in the hot deserts very pleasant and even more interesting, introducing the 2500 Awning Room with floor. The 2500 Awning Room is designed to serve as a fully enclosed room, it provides for you great privacy and additional weather protection, it has a durable floor, two big mesh windows with roll up blinds, a zipper door with both mesh and solid panels, it’s fully covered with an integrated roof that hangs only below the main awning canvas.

    512BksMN1zL - Awning Room with Floor

    The Awning Room with floor is made from lightweight PU coated 300D Oxford polyester the same applies on the ARB roof top tent sheet.

    It has access points for power leads and Ventilation panels

    It’s waterproof and UV protected

    It comes with hardened steel pegs to firmly hold the room to the floor via adjustable tension straps.

    The rear walls feature a central door that can be utilized to directly access your vehicle rear door depending on the position you mount your awning.


    • It is a perfect form of shelter
    • It is very affordable
    • It can easily double up for a regular tent.


    • I wouldn’t have much confidence in the room in an unexpected storm. I think the wind might be an issue.

    Final Verdict

    I think that the Awning Room with floor can come in handy during your camping trip, and you shouldn’t delay to get yours now. Cheers!!

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