Mar 31, 2017
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Ball Maze Puzzle

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  • Make playing games interesting with the Ball Maze Puzzle. You wouldn’t believe that the game has so many levels, and each higher level becomes difficult. Playing it with friends will increase the whole fun. You can start at lower levels and then move on to the more challenging ones. Each level has been crafted to increase the balance and concentration power of the gamer.

    This product is a perfect Gift for anyone that loves mind-sharpening games; it’s clear orbs, filled with colorful pathways filling different spots of the sphere’s interior. A cute metal ball slides around on the interior; it’s now your task to guide the ball around the maze to its destination.

    As soon as the ball is balanced at its original spot, it’ll be very easy to commence rolling it through the cute little tracks. When you learn the various Concours, you will discover that the different pathways are very complex to master, even if moving around with the ball is quite easy. All you have to do is Twist, spin and flip your path through this product.


    • It’s a perfect Gift;
    • It has the potential to sharpen the brain of whom is playing it;
    • It is quite affordable;
    • It is very challenging.


    • This item contains a small marble; it is not for kids under four years.

    Final Verdict

    I think rolling through the various roads is a dorky exercise, but it elevates your cognitive reasoning, now I have another reason to spend my hard earned money. Cheers

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