Jul 22, 2016
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Beige Chicken Sweater

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  • Beige Chicken Sweater

    Keep your chicken warm this winter with Beige Crochet Chicken Sweater. It is in done in turtleneck design in pure cotton yarn. The neck is usually 8 inches, and it can be customized. It can be machine washed cold. Acrylic yarn can also be used for the chicken sweater according to customer requirement.

    This item makes me laugh real hard but it is no joke, the chicken sweater is handmade using one hundred percent yarn, it is perfect for winter season when your chickens are freezing!

    Apart from shielding the hens from the cold, it looks great on them and says how much you value your cocks and hens! This is a perfect gift for your poultry animals; it is guaranteed to keep them warm in style!

    Beige Chicken Sweater 2


    • It’s very affordable
    • It will protect your chickens from the terrible cold.
    • It makes the chickens look real good.
    • It is handmade beige 100 percent cotton yarn.


    • Not all chickens will like to wear a sweater

    Final Verdict

    I feel that this hilarious item is a must have for poultry farmers, and it will do your hens and cocks a lot of good. What are you waiting for? Place your order now!!

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