Apr 21, 2016
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Black LED Party Cooler

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  • Black Cooler with Led Light will add some class and color with the blue LED light which is shown out through the open window. The black box with the blue glow will make the contents look mysterious and tempting. It can hold over 50 bottles inside it. The product is durable and is leak and rust proof even though it is made of iron.

    Come feel the wonders of a Party Cooler with the coolest effects ever. The BREXX Party Cooler with Bluetooth speakers is just the right product if you are having some friends over for a little party in your home. The BREXX Black party cooler is equipped with 2 high-powered speakers that can connect with any speaker on the go via the inbuilt Bluetooth connecting system. Isn’t that cool… you can have music and have a party in a cooler. The speakers come with a water resistant to avoid damage of water and maybe rusting, a back slot where the music player can sit comfortably and safely while the music is buzzing into your air. The Bluetooth device can connect to the cooler’s speakers up to 35 ft away, giving you clean and crisp music! Its iron reinforced body allows it to be one of the most reliable coolers on the market! Cold drinks and good music are now essentially wherever you take this product!


    If you are thinking of having a small get together party that might probably need music in the background, this might just be the revelation of the year for you. The Bluetooth party cooler is just too good to be true, and yeah it is cool

    • One of the good features of this party cooler is the ability to connect with any other Bluetooth device
    • Definitely, the speakers which are high powered with about 6 Watts of power. That’s a good buzz there for a cooling device
    • The BREKX Black cooler also comes with an alternative to the Bluetooth, an auxiliary cord which means that should in-case you do not have a Bluetooth connecting device or maybe just that moment your Bluetooth device refuse to connect, you can easily use the auxiliary cord and connect with the BREKX Party Cooler.
    • Another interesting feature is that even though it is a mini-refrigerator, the weight isn’t that bad at 22Lbs
    • It also features a water resistant speaker. Could it be any better?
    • As said earlier, it also comes with a back slot where your music playing device can sit comfortably and yeah, safe.
    • Bluetooth connects to speaker as far as 35ft away from the cooler and yet gives you quality crisps and clean music
    • Rust-proof and leak-proof stainless steel with an additional inner plastic liner.


    • The speaker is not fully water proof and so only resistant to a few splash of water so that it won’t affect it and therefore it is advised not to drench it with water

    Final Verdict

    The BREKX Party Cooler is just an all in all cooler for all your outing, so yeah you can take this item to just anywhere with you, say the beach, sporting centers and camps and have all the fun you can get from a tech-enhanced cooler system.

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    BREKX 54QT Black LED Party Cooler with Window
    List Price: $159.99
    Price: $159.99
    small light - Black LED Party Cooler
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