Mar 28, 2017
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Blister Safety Patches

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  • Protect your feet from blisters and pain from friction with the ENGO Blister Safety Patches. You can use it to prevent the intense pain of a blister or even prevent one from developing. Anyone can develop a blister with a new shoe, running, standing for a long time or simply out of the blues. The anguish that it creates is immense. The patch is easy to use and can be stuck onto the clean surface of the shoe which rubs against your skin.

    This product offers an efficient and slick way to handle blisters on your feet, put them on the hot spots in your shoes to decrease friction thereby protecting your feet with band-aid blister blocks or paddings, the Blister Safety Patches work by smoothing whatever is rubbing on your skin harshly.

    Make use of this product just like you would a band-aid, but in this case, instead of putting them on your feet, all you have to do is insert them inside your shoes, right on the hot spots.

    Once you have inserted them in your shoes, they will provide a surface that is slippery enough to slide instead of rub against your tender skin. Thereby drastically reducing friction and friction is the bringer of blisters.


    • The Blister Safety Patches are perfect for hikers, runners, tennis players, women that love wearing high heels, football players, hockey players hunters, dancers, skateboarders and anyone else that usually encounter blisters on their feet.
    • The Blister Safety Patches are perfect for blisters on sides of the feet, arches, and toes, they swiftly eradicate friction and protect your feet from pain.
    • The offer instant relief for existing blisters and prevent them from forming.
    • They are highly comfortable and durable


    • They are quite expensive.

    Final verdict

    I believe the blister pads are a very easy to use, efficient and dependable way to treat and avoid blisters.

    When one is dealing with colluding or blisters, prevention and preparation is the one and only way to maintain a healthy foot; you are therefore strongly advised to get a pack of this excellent products while it’s still in stock.

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