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Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500

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  • For all of you brides-to-be out there, and the gentlemen who are trying to surprise their fiancées with some beautiful yet cheap engagement rings, this simple guide will help you get some affordable engagement rings.

    Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings

    Cheap engagement rings – Two Tone Gold White and Chocolate Brown Real Diamond

    Cheap engagement rings cheap - Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500

    One of the most exquisite cheap engagement rings, a 14k white and yellow two toned chocolate brown and white diamond gold engagement or fashion ring.

    This ring contains chocolate brown and white diamonds, it’s absolutely beautiful, I feel it will look great on my fiancé’s finger, but I can’t tell for sure because I don’t have the money to get me one of these, sad right?!!

    The white and chocolate brown diamonds that surrounds the top of the stunningly gorgeous 14k white and yellow gold ring displays excellent sparkles and high brilliance, this beauty is well made, durable and extremely attractive, plus it will look great with any dress code.

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    3 Three Ring Bridal Matching Engagement Wedding Ring Band Set

    Cheap engagement rings affordable - Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500

    Here’s a beautiful set of rings perfect for the love birds on their day of holy matrimony, the pure 10k white and yellow gold is sure to put smiles on your faces any time you set your eyes on them.

    It’s beautifully designed with 1/4ct one hundred percent real diamonds, get this set of rings for your wedding and be happy you did, It sits beautifully on the finger of the wearer making him or her ravishing, it will look fabulous with a wedding dress and even casual clothing.

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    1.05 Carat 10k White Gold Black & White Round Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings

    Cheap engagement rings - Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500

    Featuring one dazzling 1.05ct black and white diamonds in prong style. Its diamonds are 100 percent natural and glittery, and it comes with a gift box and a satisfaction guarantee. The black diamonds in this rings are natural and semi faceted. The black diamonds qualify as diamond accents or rose cut. The black and white diamonds make this item uniquely beautiful and perfect for the pretty ladies.

    The black diamonds in this lovely item are not if gem quality and they contain a various number of facets from 0 to 16.It’s natural black diamonds are rare, the company responsible for its production (Dazzling rock) only sells heat treated black diamonds; the rocks are heated with fire to 1260 degrees till the diamonds become black. I completely recommend this beauty.

    It’s natural black diamonds are rare, the company responsible for its production (Dazzling rock) only sells heat treated black diamonds; the rocks are heated with fire to 1260 degrees till the diamonds become black. I completely recommend this beauty.

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    Affordable engagement rings – Diamond 1/3 carat in 14k White Gold

    0f2d74460db12c0800d64a09ce58216a - Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500

    Embrace simplicity with the Simple and elegant halo diamond engagement ring 1/3 carat (ctw) in 14k White Gold. This ring is fashioned in 14 karat white gold and displays 0.33 carats of gem weight. The manufacturer beautifully mounted the huge stone on the shank with a 4 prong setting; the manufacture adorned it on either side by twinkling smaller round white diamonds. It is a great piece of engagement rings at a great price!

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    Inexpensive engagement rings – 14k Yellow Gold Princess Cut Diamond 0.25 Carat

    This cheap diamond engagement ring features 0.25 ct yellow diamonds in solitaire setting. It is one of the most affordable engagement rings, sparkling and 100% natural. Set in dazzling 14 karat yellow gold; a central ¼ carat (ctw) princess cut diamond beams brightly from atop this beautiful engagement ring.  14k yellow gold is fashionable and durable precious metals for jewelry. These high-quality designs crafted from fine materials, like solid gold and platinum, the platinum has exceptional durability in holding precious stones.

    The metal band highlights the crowning accent of the piece, a giant, sparkling diamond or stylish stone. When you have the right engagement ring, you’ll feel confident popping the big question. You can order for one of these lovely engagement rings under 500 bucks for your wife to be. Choose a vintage style for your hopeless romantic or a solitaire design for your classic beauty. She’ll be proud to see it on her finger or in her jewelry box before the big day.

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    14kt Gold Aquamarine and Diamond 5x3mm Pear Engagement Ring

    d9a91f353df34e632185a08304685a1b - Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500

    The 14kt Gold Aquamarine and Diamond 5x3mm Pear Engagement Ring is a 6mm square-cut center stone, with two 5 by 3mm pear-cut side stones accented by four sparkling diamonds. These affordable engagement rings are a unique ring that will evoke an intense interest when people lay their eyes upon them. The ring structures a vast and beautiful square cut gemstone encircled on either side by four dazzling diamonds and two pear shaped gemstone. The gemstone and diamonds are all set into a gorgeous and firmly built band.

    These engagement rings under 500 bucks are also customizable, should you want to choose three different gemstones, perhaps representing the birthstones of you and your loved one, or simply her favorite colors. This ring is also readily obtainable as a set, with lovely matching earrings and a pendant. Aquamarine is considered the gem of the sea and also is one of the favorite gems of jewelry designers and gemstone artists. It is lovely.

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    White Gold Round Blue & White Diamond Engagement Ring

    inexpensive engagement rings - Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500

    This one features 0.45 CT white & blue diamonds in Prong setting. Its diamonds are sparkling and 100% natural. These affordable engagement rings have both white and blue diamond gem type having thin, pointed, protecting part settings, its measurement of the extent of the ring from side to side is about 4.9 mm. The metal weight of a jewelry item allows you to assess its value more accurately.

    Typically, heavier jewelry items are more valuable because they contain larger amounts of precious metal. The manufacturer made the ring of white gold with about 2.20 grams weight. They made it of 32 stones; the stones weight 1/2 carat with a total weight of about 0.45 carats.

    The ring also comes in twos paired together; this makes it awesome as you can use one as an engagement ring and the other for the bigger event.

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    Cheap diamond engagement rings – 1.00 ct Black Diamond Floral Solitaire

    inexpensive engagement ring - Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500

    This is beautiful 1.00 ct floral solitaire ring with treated black diamond i2-i3-clarity, black color in 925 sterling silver. It has 1 round black diamond which is beautifully set using prong setting. These affordable engagement rings are made of sterling silver metal with 1 carats gem weight. The total weight of the metal is about 1.81 grams, it is 4 millimeters high and has a width of 6.6 millimeters.

    Because of its thickness and the way the stone is set, these engagement rings under 1000 bucks can be resizable to fit in your hand firmly, they are durable. Diamonds are the symbol of innocence and faithful passion, also a good luck stone that brings fortune and longevity. These gorgeous cheap diamond engagement rings will bring a smile to your face whenever you search through the jewelry box.

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    Cheap engagement rings – 0.33 Ct 10K Yellow Gold Round & Baguette Cut

    engagement rings under 500 - Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500

    A shining ring makes a bold accessory for any outfit in your wardrobe. Expertly crafted in warm 10K gold, this cheap real diamond engagement ring showcases 0.33 ct white diamonds in Prong & channel setting. This 10k affordable engagement ring is durable because it has a higher percentage of pure gold, it also has a richer gold color and this engagement ring is under $500. Heavier jewelry items are more valuable because they contain larger amounts of precious metal, the 10k yellow gold is slightly heavier.This is perfect when you want some gorgeous and yet affordable engagement rings.

    This is perfect when you want some gorgeous cheap diamond engagement rings, and do not want to spend a fortune, but still want a diamond engagement ring. Boost your engagement with these beautiful cheap engagement rings. It can resist wear and decay which makes it last longer.

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    10k White Gold Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Cocktail Ring

    affordable engagement rings under 500 - Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500

    This dazzling affordable engagement diamond ring item is set in Pure 10k White Gold Heart Love Shape Center Pave Setting Round Cut Ladies Diamond Engagement Cocktail Ring. Each one of the diamonds is 100% real and natural. These cheap engagement rings feature a pure white gold with a pave setting. It is made of diamond having 0.07 karats gem weight, it has a width of 6 millimeters and 4 lower sizing range as well as 13 upper sizing range, this makes the ring resizable.

    The ring is pretty small and elegant. The ring comes with a complimentary gift jewelry box making it the best gift for your proposal to your to be wife. These affordable engagement rings under $500 can resist wear and decay which makes them last longer and permanent.

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    • This is quite a cheap engagement rings list you have, I like it, each ring has some kind of charm even though they are very affordable

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      Necklaces for women February 22, 2017 1:28 am Reply
    • Well, I got a call from my niece some couple of months ago, and she was so anxious that I and my fiancé get a look at one of the cheap diamond engagement rings she found on the wow gift jewelry websites hanging around her phone. I wasn’t so interested in it, but I decided to try it out irrespective since my niece was into the fashion and event planning niche.
      After checks and eventually finding one to go for, our order was delivered as swift as the following day, 24-hours delivery and I was pretty impressed. We had our engagement a few months ago, and I have wondered If the round shaped ring will be worth all the penny, although inexpensive and it turned out that it was just perfect for every penny. The clarity has been superb while still maintaining the quality silver color and the brilliant cuts make it irresistible to the naked eyes.
      At first, the price almost got us talking about an alternative, only to try it and my “in few months wife” continually appreciate it especially the brilliant cuts of the karats placed on top of the diamond ring.
      We are sure keeping this for all it worth’s.

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      Nadia March 12, 2017 2:23 pm Reply
    • The first time I had a close look at this diamond ring, well the description say it was under $500, the price was kind of way low for what I was gazing at and that really caught my pretty curious attention. I decided to check in with others at the inexpensive diamond engagement ring carts and I they were just a little above this, my budget was around 700$ so I decided to take a closer look.
      I have been married for a couple of years to my prince charming and I haven’t been able to gift him something sweet for Valentine for about 10years now, so after a thorough check, what caught my attention was the details paid into the cutting edges, perfectly well placed for a diamond, its looks pretty natural and I had the feeling myself that my prince charming will definitely love it §§§
      I decided to order for this. I bought it and gift it to my royal husband with the promise of always being there even in the aftermath and though the diamond ring looks pretty small, it was dashing and before I knew it he had replaced this with our old wedding ring and got one beautiful one for myself in the thousand dollars category, I love it!!!!

      View Comment
      Amy Princess March 12, 2017 3:11 pm Reply
    • I am a huge collector of diamonds rings and what caught my attention really, was the tag, the cheap diamond engagement ring and then I was amused by attention paid to the design of each and every piece of the diamond rings in this collection, from the cheap engagement rings to those engagement rings under 1000, engagement rings under 500. Is it the angular, contemporary beauty that makes it look gorgeous in term of class and geometric settings, or is it the price that is almost as small and as close to non!!!.

      After ordering for one of the inexpensive engagement rings as I came to the United State for a holiday, I decided to get one for my sweet daughter getting married in a couple of weeks later. I was fascinated by the craftiness and professionalism used in purporting this vintage and nothing but natural diamonds. They are step cuts, sleek, and I love the rectangular shapes and its elegant appearance.

      I can’t help but order for myself and my princess. My daughter loved it at first glance, and even though we had problems which choice as every piece of design was irresistible, we finally decided on one and the way it has served us over the months has been impressive all the way…

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      Diamonds Rings Collector March 13, 2017 8:03 pm Reply
    • It was inexpensive rings and that was it for me. I am a first timer as I have never owned a diamond ring; I do not have a pint of a belief that there is probably any cheap diamond engagement ring which real and natural diamonds, I always thought they were fabricated stuff until now. This changed my entire thoughts.
      My dear mum is worth everything in the world to me, and I was so engrossed in what will be my gift to her on her sixth decade birthday. She was everything on my journey of finding who I was and I owe her the world. One of my stubborn friends who believe in fantasy more than I do show me this website and I was amazed at the attention paid at crafting these enormously beautiful rings and to say that they are rings that range from $500 to $100 gave me a whole lot of choices to pick from. I got my order straight up within two weeks as I am pretty in the far end of the world… so yeah, two weeks was a short time I guess.
      And she loved it, and the rest was history, she called me just this morning, and we had a mother to son kind of talk and then she mentioned that she loves everything about the ring and that I should get married soon and get one for my wife. Well, I guess she do will like it on every one of us at the wedding. LOL
      Beautiful piece.

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      Dean March 13, 2017 10:26 pm Reply
    • I am a huge collector of diamonds rings and what caught my attention really, was the tag, the cheap diamond engagement ring and then I was amused by attention paid to the design of each and every piece of the diamond rings in this collection, from the cheap engagement rings to those engagement rings under 1000 and 500. Is it the angular, contemporary beauty that makes it look gorgeous in term of class and geometric settings, or is it the price that is almost as small and as close to non!!!.
      After ordering for one of the inexpensive engagement rings as I came to the United State for a holiday, I decided to get one for my sweet daughter getting married in a couple of weeks later. I was fascinated by the craftiness and professionalism used in purporting this vintage and nothing but natural diamonds. They are step cuts, sleek, and I love the rectangular shapes and its elegant appearance.
      I can’t help but order for myself and my princess. My daughter loved it at first glance, and even though we had problems which choice as every piece of design was irresistible, we finally decided on one and the way it has served us over the months has been impressive all the way…

      View Comment
      Loving Mom March 15, 2017 11:39 am Reply
    • It is a serious problem finding honest manufacturers of cheap diamond engagement rings, and our story is a bit twisted. We had ordered a inexpensive engagement ring few months before the big day. Everything seems perfect about the ring from the first glance online, and we didn’t even hassle before we ordered as it was too good to be true. We got our orders delivered in about few days to the wedding, and yeah, we unwrapped it, and it looks gorgeous until a day before the wedding when baby Shaun (my husband) stumbled on it where it was nicely placed and got his wet hand over it. There we were, the silver lining was peeling, and I was amazed at the rate at which it peeled.
      Shaun had just revealed to us that our engagement ring was from planet fake, we had two options at this junction, and that was to either return the rings immediately or wait till after the engagement which was just in about four to five days. We decided to return immediately, and in 24hours we had our money back in my wallet. I had done a good research on almost all the carts and went through the reviews before getting this, and the first thing I did after receiving my order was to wash it in water, and there it was, as gorgeous as it should be.
      And still as gorgeous on her fingers…

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      WoW March 17, 2017 10:18 am Reply
    • Well, I stumbled on an inexpensive diamond engagement ring on Amazon the other day and I was surprised at the amount of positive reviews I was seeing. I am not a huge fan of jewelries but who wouldn’t like a diamond hanging between his fingers. So yeah, going by the positive reviews and answers to favorite questions that are clearly stated, I decided to give it a trail and get one for myself. I may as well not be wearing it anytime soon, but I sure do know it will come in handy.
      I got one of the engagement rings under 1000 delivered to my home and I was amazed at first real glance. Touching it, I already know that it is a top choice and I was in it for real. I quickly exchange it for the one left on my I Do finger by my late wife.
      It is interesting to say that after she left, only this diamond rings, although cheap makes me feel natural again.

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      Jane March 18, 2017 5:20 pm Reply
    • After spending many months’ eyeing over high Street jewelers looking for a cheap engagement ring, I came across Wow-gift Amazon page where I noticed a beautiful looking ring at an inexpensive price.
      I loved the ring; they had the size I wanted all that was stopping me was the fact that I was purchasing an item online for a lot of money, Although they were a lot cheaper than others hanging around in most online stores, However, 1000 bucks isn’t a small amount of money either. But well it was worth it…
      So yeah, few weeks of contemplation I nervously decided to purchase the ring…
      the rings arrived here few days after ordering, I think two to three days I guess,

      I anxiously opened the package to take a look at the ring and it was all that I ever had in mind and wanted as the light off the diamond rings flashed into my eyes, it brought some of delight that I had not just thrown away some valuable some money.
      After she had it one, the excitement in her eyes was pushy enough to come here and leave a comment. I can safely say to others who are not sure about ordering such an item online from wow-gift via Amazon not to worry. As for the ring, my fiancé absolutely loved it and can’t stop looking at it and it fitted like a dream even though it is just about a engagement ring under $1000.

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      Marriage Life March 21, 2017 9:35 pm Reply
    • Few months to our wedding when I started browsing and searching for my wives engagement ring, I browsed through diverse of traditional jewelry stores and the figures were outrageous compared to what I finally got.
      Of-course, before I started surfing through the internet, I had read about the most important features of a diamond ring (colour, cuts, clarity and carats) and this was basically my basis of searching.
      All the stores I came across were just slightly different in terms of price value and it seems a few hundreds more that what I saw when I came on Amazon and saw this cheap diamond engagement ring.
      There was no thinking twice and as soon as I had explored the store for similar products, I found a perfect one that will fit just fine on a perfect lady, an engagement ring tucked in the under $ 1000 sections.
      Since the ring was ready made designed, it took only about few hours to arrive. It came in a nice looking wood ring box and looked really nice. And yeah, she tried it on and she was so amazed that I got her something without a “comma” for the first time.
      It’s stunning and I am happy…

      View Comment
      Hank March 25, 2017 7:56 am Reply
    • I first started shopping for cheap engagement rings about 2-3 months ago for a diamond, my budget was about under $500 and this was the first time I’ve ever purchased such an item. Although I’ve always been ok with buying just about anything else online, I was skeptical about a diamond without seeing it especially coming at a ridiculous budget price, so I wanted to be sure of whatsoever.

      My girlfriend and I had talked about what she likes. I knew she wanted a white gold band, relatively small. As I couldn’t find a lot of reviews from people buying at Amazon.com, but then, I’ve been a fan of Amazon for a long time and the couple reviews I found on the Amazon pages were great.
      The cheap inexpensive diamond engagement ring was $498.00 and this was just about my budgets and a lot lesser than the ones at the local stores around.
      I placed the order September last year in the evening, and it arrived on few days later. When I finally got it open I was very pleased! Even though it came in cheap, it’s a diamond I mean. The ring looks pretty much better than the pictures on your website. Thank you very much for this list and the reviews.
      The package came in a great ring box, and it was simply awesome

      View Comment
      Brian March 28, 2017 3:49 pm Reply
    • After finding your true love, the one person that you will spend the rest of your life with, you are ready to put together yourself and ask the question.

      Before popping the question, you will need to buy one of those perfect and cheap engagement rings. I am sure any ring would do the trick, but I wanted the best, yet something within my budget.

      Right after doing some research, I found some beautiful engagement rings with an affordable price. I actually bought my ring before finding this list of affordable engagement rings under $500 – You’ve done a nice job with the reviews by the way.

      Best of luck

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      Michael Inee March 30, 2017 9:33 am Reply
    • Guys that hunger to buy a better and smashing engagement ring without paying a fortune, search all around the web and in jewelry stores. Just about the most affordable engagement rings which might be more in favor amongst ladies and gentlemen looking for the right ring but on a budget. Notwithstanding the certainty that these types of cheap engagement rings are less complicated, but to my experience, they still have a really good quality and they are just as gorgeous as the expensive ones.

      Also, the ring that I chose for my future wife was excitedly liked by her and her friends and family. Because these engagement rings are employing real stones. It indeed was outrageously hard for me to find a real and natural ring. Unlike other items, the list above provided by wow-gift.com really gives the wearer of theses engagement rings under 500 self-admiration and originate self-confidence within them. My fiancé can NOT stop talking about, how she is confident she got the real deal!

      The ring looks better in real life than it was in the picture provided.

      Thank you very much

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      Alfred boack March 30, 2017 11:05 am Reply
    • Finding cheap engagement rings for women is a bit difficult. The whole searching process should supposedly be fun, but with the wrong guidance, it could be a nightmare. I looked for reviews about cheap diamond engagement rings because I want an affordable ring without losing the quality.

      I google the phrase – engagement rings cheap – among other phrases, and I found wow-gift’s article about budget-friendly engagement rings. What I see on this list is a bunch of beautiful cheap diamond engagement rings. The rings can be bought through the most popular and safest e-commerce in the world: Amazon.

      I bought my fiance’s ring on Amazon through wow-gift’s link (because, obviously, they did such a good job reviewing and putting together this list. I couldn’t be happier with quality of the item and the speedy delivery.

      The smile on your future wife’s face of head depend on the type and quality of the engagement ring you bought for her. You’re sure to hit the jackpot if you choose one of the engagement rings under 500 on wow-gift’s list.

      Thanks guys, you’ve made the process easier 😀

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      Tyson Laubs March 30, 2017 12:51 pm Reply
    • After I initially ordered one these beautiful cheap engagement rings through your review link, I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I receive emails with the comments. Perhaps there is a way I am able to remove myself from that service? Many thanks!

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      Lelia Prevost April 9, 2017 6:32 pm Reply
    • I wish I did a research and found your reviews before. I had a bad experience to buy engagement ring.
      Last day of vacation in Bangkok, my friend and I decide to visit the garden plants before we go that same evening to the airport.
      Being such good tourists with the map of the city in hand, we are accosted by a very friendly local with whom we start a discussion. He explains that the plant garden is closed today and in fact, a very beautiful temple is opened a few minutes from here and also talks about a very interesting promotion in the state’s jewelry because it is the king’s birthday. He even managed to stop us a tuk-tuk and negotiate for us a ridiculing low price to get us there.
      Arriving in front of the temple, the driver of the tuk-tuk, also very friendly (he proposes to take us back after the temple visit) asks us to wait a few minutes.
      During his absence, a Frenchman in his fifties approaches us. He comes from Brittany, too, and trust is established fairly quickly. He gives us some good addresses for shopping and then we talk about these state jewelers deals and its incredible promotions.
      He makes a trade: he buy engagement ring in Thailand during promotions and sells them in Paris, Place Vendome, double or even triple the initial price. He has a brother-in-law who reimburses each year his trip to Thailand with this. He was surprised that a local spoke to us a few minutes before because they usually used to keep this good deal for them.
      We were at the end of our trip and had spent much more than expected, and this “opportunity” was for us the opportunity to cease. Once the French guy is gone, the driver’s comes back, we asked him to take us to the jewelry store without even visiting the temple.
      The jewelry, gable on the street, the impeccable facade, the attentive staff and the main reception make us immediately so confident that it’s the real deal. The promotions are indeed very attractive and after a few minutes of thinking it over, we choose two very beautiful cheap engagement rings made of gold, one set of affordable engagement rings under $500 with rubies on them, and the other sapphire for 742 dollars each…
      We collect the certificates of authenticity and sign the papers that the cheap engagement rings are intended to be offered and not to sell them (to avoid, so we are told, the possible issues at the Douane). We are then offered an “escort” for the rest of the day to watch over us and avoid being robbed.
      A jewelry worker is appointed to take a 4×4 air-conditioned tour; she will negotiate our purchases with the merchants and carry our belongings until we get back to our hotel room in the late afternoon and warn us about the fact that we should only talk about bags to anyone to avoid attracting greedy people and thieves. As she was friendly and she had taken care of us, on lui a payé massage de pieds!!
      It is not until September that we start realizing that we were victims of a scam… And we are not the only victims, just google “scam Bangkok” or “Jewelry SNP” to realize its ampleur. The cheap diamond engagement rings are worth only 10% of the price bought, not more than 74 dollars… The friendly local, the tuk-tuk driver, the French guy and the jewelry are all actors of this scam and certainly all perceive a part of the 1 484 dollars that we have left.
      I think that this story has a double interest: it shows how certain schools can be complex, almost “brilliant” and also, moreover, the folks who want to buy engagement ring because from what I know, it makes new Victims every year.
      Thank you for the time you take to review, and thank you for reading my story.

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      Caroline April 13, 2017 11:36 am Reply
    • Hi friends, Denis from germany, to buy engagement ring is not easy, especially if you have piky girlfriend like mine ha, but I love her and I ll buy her the best one I can afford; I like your reviews and website, helpfull! Thanks

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      Denis April 26, 2017 9:42 am Reply
    • Hey there! I’ve been following your weblog for a while now
      and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Texas! I myself am looking for cheap engagement rings
      Just wanted to tell you keep up the good work!

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      Marissa May 7, 2017 9:19 am Reply
    • Greetings from Carolina! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to browse your website on my iphone during lunch break. I really like the very cheap engagement rings you present here and can’t wait to take a better look when I get home.

      I’m shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G ..

      Anyhow, good site! Cheers 😉

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      Anna May 7, 2017 10:14 am Reply
    • Me Very amazed with quality of descriptions of cheap engagement rings you list, 谢谢

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      口味 May 7, 2017 11:04 am Reply
    • Thumbs up, Thanks

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      Esperanza May 7, 2017 11:09 am Reply
    • Totally go along with this – it’s never easy to get cheap engagement rings like this around but you have done an admirable job to your readers with this collection, well done, my hat’s off to you 😉

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      Samira May 7, 2017 11:58 am Reply
    • thanks for all the rich content and info very helpful

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      Kane May 7, 2017 12:20 pm Reply
    • It’s very trouble-free to find out any matter on net as compared to real life, as I found this post on this website. I think that the net offers very good deals and cheap engagement rings that you can’t find on real stores!! What do you think?

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      Jett May 7, 2017 12:35 pm Reply
    • I’ve been following your reviews for a while now, me and my fincée Fabiola; another great review, love your style, keep it up, This is gonna be shared on my social media Now 😉

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      Ray May 7, 2017 12:47 pm Reply
    • My sister is trying to persuade me to buy engagement ring with sexy diamonds on it. I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses.

      But now that I found these cheap engagement rings, I can relax. I’ve been looking for about a year and am nervous about making a decision.

      I have heard good things about these affordable engagement rings.
      Is there a way you can suggest one on them? I am a 25 years old caucasian woman!!

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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      Remona May 7, 2017 12:50 pm Reply
    • Some folks with a limited budget like me will be so happy to read this review and might as well buy some!! I am sharing this on all my social media accounts so everyone can benefit from it

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      Fabiola May 7, 2017 12:52 pm Reply
    • Amazing job, very good reviews, congrats

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      Carla May 7, 2017 12:52 pm Reply
    • I can’t help it but to show my appreciation for this great review, they are indeed affordable engagement rings ! You nailed it! The description is beautiful and gives a lot of info, However If you can do some reviews about rose gold engagement rings it would be very nice! Thanks wow-gift

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      Carin May 7, 2017 12:57 pm Reply
    • My brother suggested I would possibly like this website and your affordable engagement rings under $500 review! He used to be totally right. This post truly made my day.

      You can not consider simply how so much time I had spent to find an affordable yet beautiful ring! Thanks!

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      Ara May 7, 2017 1:00 pm Reply
    • Thank you for the review, so helpful, getting married soon by the way, best of luck to all brides-to-be 😀

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      Florentina May 7, 2017 1:14 pm Reply
    • I am extremely impressed with your cheap engagement rings as well as with the way they are presented in the images!

      I LovE the diamond engagement rings shopping guide, it’s very helpful. Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog like this one today.

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      Andrea May 7, 2017 1:34 pm Reply
    • But the truth is, many women and men begin to look for cheap engagement rings to make savings for more important stuff, only it’s diffcult to find ones as beautiful as the ones in this review. Thank you very much 🙂

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      Hayley May 8, 2017 7:17 am Reply
    • Very nice collection of cheap engagement rings! I was looking in Google for cheap engagement rings under 100 and I found your review!! I like the guide you added in the sidebar, BIG Help, thanks a lot

      Buenos dias

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      Everett May 8, 2017 8:30 am Reply
    • Just want to say Hi and thanks, keep up the good work

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      Nuca May 8, 2017 9:16 am Reply
    • These are the most gorgeous cheap engagement rings for women that I’ve ever seen, I believe you should review men’s as well 😉

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    • Hi there, I like this vibration for cheap engagement rings and the conversation that’s on, I ll buy engagement ring myself soon, and this list is a BIG Help, thanks

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    • It’s as a good time as any to start looking for affordable engagement rings because sooner I ll need a beautiful one that is not EXPENSIVE! Thank you so much wow-gift

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      Thanks for excellent information I used to be looking for this information for my sister! Always on the lookout of cheap engagement rings, but all she finds is ugly cheap ones!!! This list, on the other hand, offer affordable engagement rings that are just marvelous, love them =)

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    • I’m a true diamonds Fan! The biggest actually! I ordered one of these cheap engagement rings and I am happy with my purchase! Looks more beautiful than the pictures 😉 worth the money! recomended MUST HAVE

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    • Will there be a collection of engagement rings under 1000 in the future? thanks

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    • All these affordable engagement rings are adorable, but I like the heart shaped one more, just beautiful, and within my budget 😀

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    • Greetings from Italy, first of all, thank you for this rich content, all the gifts you review are breathtaking, and some of them are hilarious! Keep Up the good work, cheers 😉

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    • Your collection of cheap engagement rings is just amazing, cant’ thank you enough for your hard work! This post actually saved my life! I always wanted a beautiful diamond engagement ring but I can’t afford Diamonds. Finally, I can get the ring I want without emptying my wallet!

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    • Are these engagement rings cheap but real? I still can’t believe it!! I always thought that there can’t be any affordable engagement rings with diamonds on it!

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      Excellent blog!

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    • Are these cheap engagement rings really real? No kidding? Still can’t believe it, really, but from your review, I see that it’s possible

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    • The high prices of diamonds usually limit them for rich ppl, but this list is awesome for average guys, thanks

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    • Happy to have found your review, I’ve been struggling like most to find one of them cheap engagement rings for my fiancée, but all I find is very expensive ones or cheap ugly ones -_-

      thanks for your hard work

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    • Nice reviews, Love the guide on the sidebar as well, very helpful

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    • Hello wow-gift, I post here because I did not know where to do it.

      Do you know some nice rings for men?
      I’m not talking about engagement rings.

      What do you think of those sold on the exception site for example.
      Do you advise or deprive yourself of the rings for a man?

      Again thanks for your responsiveness.

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      Alain May 11, 2017 11:50 am Reply
      • Hello Alain,

        There are no particular rules concerning the rings for men 🙂 it really depends on your style and a matter of taste!!

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        admin May 11, 2017 7:55 pm Reply
    • Hello,
      I would like to know: is it normal to have a wedding ring set with three stones ie sapphire and emerald on both sides of the diamond in the middle? With a small ring?
      If so, I would like to have some pictures in my electronic email
      Thank you

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      Anny May 11, 2017 12:43 pm Reply
    • I bought 2 rings in October 2013: the classic Four alliance and the classic small four ring.

      I wear the two rings daily and surprise, a few weeks ago, I realized that the brown PVD of the ring was fading, while the PVD of the alliance is intact.

      I then went to the jeweler reseller who sent the defective jewel to the Boucheron house.

      The house Boucheron asks me 240 € to recolour this ring. I find it odious, scandalous. We speak about a know how for more than 150 years ?! But who are they kidding? A ring that fades in less than 2 years !!

      I do not advise the jewelry of this house because they do not age well.

      I had problems with a Chopard necklace, which fully supported me.

      I wear Chaumet for many years, without any problem.

      Very good jewelry houses.

      Then Boucheron, never again. NEVER.

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      Sophia May 11, 2017 2:29 pm Reply
    • I strongly advise against buy engagement ring from the brand GEMMYO.

      Among the problems I have encountered are:

      – the lack of information regarding the delivery in spite of numerous calls (guaranteed delivery before Christmas = you are delivered on the 24th of December at the end of the afternoon at the post office)

      – the quality of the ring is very disappointing, scratches appear after a few days only,

      – Customer service is disastrous. It does not help you to find a solution to the problem and just defends the interests of GEMMYO. Once the sale is completed you find yourself alone …

      I mighy give a try to one of these cheap engagement rings instead, they look beautiful and affordable, and if the quality is as described by the seller, it would be a great catch 😀

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      Creoff May 11, 2017 4:54 pm Reply
    • My wedding was perfect except my boucheron ring. What disappointment …. in 4 months only the black ring of the Black Quatre discolored and reveals the original metal.
      I paid a visit to the vendor (Place Vendôme) to “recolor” it and the person in charge, very arrogant, told me that it would be charged plus 8 weeks of waiting! I could not believe it, in only 4 months it faded and I had to pay an extra… What a deplorable service and what a dismal quality for such a house. Huge disappointment.

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      Wilemina May 11, 2017 7:23 pm Reply

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