Jul 31, 2016
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The first time I had a close look at this …

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  • Comment on Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500 by Amy Princess.

    The first time I had a close look at this diamond ring, well the description say it was under $500, the price was kind of way low for what I was gazing at and that really caught my pretty curious attention. I decided to check in with others at the inexpensive diamond engagement ring carts and I they were just a little above this, my budget was around 700$ so I decided to take a closer look.
    I have been married for a couple of years to my prince charming and I haven’t been able to gift him something sweet for Valentine for about 10years now, so after a thorough check, what caught my attention was the details paid into the cutting edges, perfectly well placed for a diamond, its looks pretty natural and I had the feeling myself that my prince charming will definitely love it §§§
    I decided to order for this. I bought it and gift it to my royal husband with the promise of always being there even in the aftermath and though the diamond ring looks pretty small, it was dashing and before I knew it he had replaced this with our old wedding ring and got one beautiful one for myself in the thousand dollars category, I love it!!!!

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