Jul 31, 2016
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It was inexpensive rings and that was it for me. …

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    It was inexpensive rings and that was it for me. I am a first timer as I have never owned a diamond ring; I do not have a pint of a belief that there is probably any cheap diamond engagement ring which real and natural diamonds, I always thought they were fabricated stuff until now. This changed my entire thoughts.
    My dear mum is worth everything in the world to me, and I was so engrossed in what will be my gift to her on her sixth decade birthday. She was everything on my journey of finding who I was and I owe her the world. One of my stubborn friends who believe in fantasy more than I do show me this website and I was amazed at the attention paid at crafting these enormously beautiful rings and to say that they are rings that range from $500 to $100 gave me a whole lot of choices to pick from. I got my order straight up within two weeks as I am pretty in the far end of the world… so yeah, two weeks was a short time I guess.
    And she loved it, and the rest was history, she called me just this morning, and we had a mother to son kind of talk and then she mentioned that she loves everything about the ring and that I should get married soon and get one for my wife. Well, I guess she do will like it on every one of us at the wedding. LOL
    Beautiful piece.

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