Jul 31, 2016
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Few months to our wedding when I started browsing and …

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  • Comment on Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500 by Hank.

    Few months to our wedding when I started browsing and searching for my wives engagement ring, I browsed through diverse of traditional jewelry stores and the figures were outrageous compared to what I finally got.
    Of-course, before I started surfing through the internet, I had read about the most important features of a diamond ring (colour, cuts, clarity and carats) and this was basically my basis of searching.
    All the stores I came across were just slightly different in terms of price value and it seems a few hundreds more that what I saw when I came on Amazon and saw this cheap diamond engagement ring.
    There was no thinking twice and as soon as I had explored the store for similar products, I found a perfect one that will fit just fine on a perfect lady, an engagement ring tucked in the under $ 1000 sections.
    Since the ring was ready made designed, it took only about few hours to arrive. It came in a nice looking wood ring box and looked really nice. And yeah, she tried it on and she was so amazed that I got her something without a “comma” for the first time.
    It’s stunning and I am happy…

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