Jul 31, 2016
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I wish I did a research and found your reviews …

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  • Comment on Diamond Cheap Engagement Rings Under $500 by Caroline.

    I wish I did a research and found your reviews before. I had a bad experience to buy engagement ring.
    Last day of vacation in Bangkok, my friend and I decide to visit the garden plants before we go that same evening to the airport.
    Being such good tourists with the map of the city in hand, we are accosted by a very friendly local with whom we start a discussion. He explains that the plant garden is closed today and in fact, a very beautiful temple is opened a few minutes from here and also talks about a very interesting promotion in the state’s jewelry because it is the king’s birthday. He even managed to stop us a tuk-tuk and negotiate for us a ridiculing low price to get us there.
    Arriving in front of the temple, the driver of the tuk-tuk, also very friendly (he proposes to take us back after the temple visit) asks us to wait a few minutes.
    During his absence, a Frenchman in his fifties approaches us. He comes from Brittany, too, and trust is established fairly quickly. He gives us some good addresses for shopping and then we talk about these state jewelers deals and its incredible promotions.
    He makes a trade: he buy engagement ring in Thailand during promotions and sells them in Paris, Place Vendome, double or even triple the initial price. He has a brother-in-law who reimburses each year his trip to Thailand with this. He was surprised that a local spoke to us a few minutes before because they usually used to keep this good deal for them.
    We were at the end of our trip and had spent much more than expected, and this “opportunity” was for us the opportunity to cease. Once the French guy is gone, the driver’s comes back, we asked him to take us to the jewelry store without even visiting the temple.
    The jewelry, gable on the street, the impeccable facade, the attentive staff and the main reception make us immediately so confident that it’s the real deal. The promotions are indeed very attractive and after a few minutes of thinking it over, we choose two very beautiful cheap engagement rings made of gold, one set of affordable engagement rings under $500 with rubies on them, and the other sapphire for 742 dollars each…
    We collect the certificates of authenticity and sign the papers that the cheap engagement rings are intended to be offered and not to sell them (to avoid, so we are told, the possible issues at the Douane). We are then offered an “escort” for the rest of the day to watch over us and avoid being robbed.
    A jewelry worker is appointed to take a 4×4 air-conditioned tour; she will negotiate our purchases with the merchants and carry our belongings until we get back to our hotel room in the late afternoon and warn us about the fact that we should only talk about bags to anyone to avoid attracting greedy people and thieves. As she was friendly and she had taken care of us, on lui a payé massage de pieds!!
    It is not until September that we start realizing that we were victims of a scam… And we are not the only victims, just google “scam Bangkok” or “Jewelry SNP” to realize its ampleur. The cheap diamond engagement rings are worth only 10% of the price bought, not more than 74 dollars… The friendly local, the tuk-tuk driver, the French guy and the jewelry are all actors of this scam and certainly all perceive a part of the 1 484 dollars that we have left.
    I think that this story has a double interest: it shows how certain schools can be complex, almost “brilliant” and also, moreover, the folks who want to buy engagement ring because from what I know, it makes new Victims every year.
    Thank you for the time you take to review, and thank you for reading my story.

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