Mar 31, 2017
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Child Safety Tatttos

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  • The Tat Child Tatttos are a must have when you go out with your kids to places they might get lost like mall, park, etc. It comes in an easy to peel design and the tattoo, unlike stickers, can stay on for weeks making it a perfect take along on a vacation. It is waterproof and does not cause any harm to the child’s skin, and this one move can save your child from getting lost in a crowd.

    Do you think your kid will always find his way back when he gets lost or separated from you? As a parent, you’ll probably say ”No way I could never get separated from my kid, and he can’t get lost, I won’t allow that” well you are somewhat right, but it happens. Kids are very fast so as parents you should stay one step ahead of them.

    My kid brother is aware that if he and I were in a crowded place and us for some reason get disunited, he has to find a park worker, policeman or a mom with other kids so they can call our mom or me.

    But the problem with this is, he might not always remember our phone numbers. The Child Safety Tattoo makes it a lot easier for my kid brother always to have either my cell number or mom’s phone number where ever he goes, no he doesn’t have to worry about remembering our phone number in a scary scenario.

    The Child Safety Tattoo is placed pasted easily with a little amount of water and is meant to last for about one to three days. The seldom clean up easily with peeling or just water and are ravishing against the skin which makes it very attractive and noteworthy.


    • They come in various patterns and colors that kids will love.
    • They are very affordable compared to the services they render
    • The child safety tattoo makes it easy to keep important information on your kids fingertips.
    • It’s an extra measure to keeping the little ones safe.


    • Might not be suitable for kids with skin allergies.

    Final verdict

    I feel that with the Children’s Safety Tattoos it is very easy to have valuable information on your kid in case of mishaps

    I pray to God that You nor I never need to utilize this product, but it makes me feel much more relaxed comfortable and confident knowing that my kid brother has got that information on his arm, Better secured than sorry.

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