Mar 27, 2017
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Child Safety Zoor Stopper

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  • Children are prone to get their hands between the door and this Child Safety Door Stopper can prevent your little one from hurting his hands between the door. They come in a particular design that allows it to be easily locked into the door panel to stop the closure of the door. You can also use it to prevent kids or pets from getting accidentally closed up in a room. It leaves the door slightly ajar and you can know what the child is doing in there.

    This item will ensure the safety of your child’s fingers while he or she is attempting to close the door, it can be placed anywhere from the top section to the side of the door. A lot of parents will view this terrific soft appliance as a safe way to leave the door open so they can quickly peek at their children or hear their cute voices while they play in their rooms. It will also aid when trying to let the cool breeze get in for a much better ventilation when it is scorching in the day or when they are playing in the house.

    51KNBumDL3L - Child Safety Zoor Stopper

    The Door Stopper is one of the Best home and child safety items that was carefully thought of and created for the safety of children. It was made of lightweight, flexible and non-toxic materials that make it soft to touch and still durable enough to stop the door from jamming and accidentally injuring those delicate and tiny precious fingers.

    The wonderful door stopper cushion easily attaches to the door without spoiling the woodwork and paint job.


    • They keep the doors ajar so parents could easily monitor their kids from other rooms.
    • They protect the child’s fingers from shutting doors, and some customers use it to keep their pets from staying out of some areas in the house.
    • They are very affordable compared to the services they render.


    • It looks like a toy, but it is not a toy.

    Final Verdict

    I think this can come in handy for someone like my aunt that has a lot of kids and doors in the house; it’s another big step to ensuring the safety of the babies.

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