Apr 27, 2017
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Color Changing Faucet Tap

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  • Beautifully designed Color Changing Faucet Tap can add to the modern or antique design of your home décor theme. The product is a chrome finish and is made of a durable ceramic cartridge. The LED lights are self-operative on water flow, and there is no trouble changing batteries. The tap is easy to install with the single hole model with separate tubing for hot and cold sides.

    This is quite something! Of course, we’ve all seen a faucet tap before, so you’d probably be wondering what’s the big deal about a faucet tap that “changes color,” but there’s a lot more to this! This is truly a unique faucet tap, beautifully designed and very exotic. Should be an excellent addition to your home décor. It brings your home to life with its colorful design. It’s a chrome finished product, made up of a long lasting ceramic cartridge. It uses batteries though that last very long(as long as a whole month), which saves you the trouble of changing it all the time and it’s so easy changing batteries as easy as changing a baby’s diaper! The LED lights operates itself on water flow, and the faucet tap is so easy to install.

    515J0FqM4oL - Color Changing Faucet Tap


    • Color changing LED lights that blend with any modern decor and brings luxury to life
    • A very durable Ceramic cartridge which lasts even longer than you expect
    • Some gift even come without batteries instead they come along with built-in temperature sensitive led with gets their power by the flow of water
    • Easy installation


    • Looks very fragile
    • Complicated to use at first

    Final Verdict

    This is the best faucet tap I’ve ever come across in a long time, with a very catchy design and with very little to no disadvantage. Nothing can go wrong with you getting this gifts under $100!

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