Apr 25, 2017
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Cute Loch Ness Tea Infuser

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  • Cute Loch Ness Tea Infuser comes in various colors and is sure to find one to match your home cutlery theme. Open the tea infuser and add in the tea leaves with any other flavor you want to use for the tea like basil leaves, thyme, ginger, etc. Brew the tea leaves in hot water to get the perfectly brewed flavored tea.

    Baby Nessie Tea Infuser is the newest addition to the OTOTO Nessie family of products and so far from inception, this product hasn’t failed to impress. The OTOTO has a couple of other products in its range and it includes the Nessie Soup Ladle and the Mamma Nessie Colander and now this funky family friend is back in a more beautiful piece to help you craft your favorite cuppa. This adorable Loch Nessie Huge Design will make you feel an extra chipper in the earliest of the day and believe me, the Baby Nessie is guaranteed to be the envy of all your family or work colleagues.

    This quirky tea strainer can hold your favorite tea leaves jostling in her back, letting the flavor seep out of the holes at the top of her body. She does not only add some charisma to your cuppa by popping up to say HIPPY… But, you can also hold her infamously long neck to stir the tea in a motion you deem fit or like to play around with. Whether you are a fan of an English breakfast tea or will prefer to create a green tea to emulate the murky depths of Loch Ness, this cheerful creature is always on the hand to establish your perfect brew.

    41DCDaGAUML - Cute Loch Ness Tea Infuser

    This cute design would make the perfect gift for tea lovers who love a monster brew! Check out the rest of the Nessie clan on the right-hand side!


    • It is cute and babies will love it

    This is one of its most interesting features, almost everyone who has tried one will testify to how cute it is and the babies do love them a whole lot to have it with them all day. Its goose like long neck makes it really appealing and catchy

    • Makes steeping loose teas interestingly pretty fun
    • Made from BPA-free silicone: this means that your tea is safe from chemicals that might dissolve off the body of the Baby Nessie Tea Infuser.
    • Durable and quite easy to wash clean: the design of the Baby Nessie tea infuser comes with an easy to use and easy to wash design and so it is apparently safe for drinking.


    Won’t stand up once inserted into water. The only flaws found with this device is that when it is inside the water, the Baby Nessie Tea Infuser do not stand firm unlike when placed in the mug although, this tends to happen whenever there is air penetration in the tea infuser.

    Final Verdict

    There are not many of this out there that gives the kids so much fun while having a normal daily cup of water or tea while maintaining the taste and quality of the tea. It is a yes from us on here as it has been tested and proven reliable. Customers’ satisfaction has been great.

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    Baby Nessie the Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser -Turquoise
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    small light - Cute Loch Ness Tea Infuser
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