May 19, 2016
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Emoji emoticon round cushion toy pillow

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  • Emoji emoticon round cushion toy pillow

    The emoji emoticon round cushion toy pillow is made from polypropylene in a cute fun way. It has a fun, smiley face on it with two eyes and a mouth. It looks like a funny hat face. You can use it as a plush toy to express your feelings and yourself. You can also use it as a pillow or a cushion for your table room seats to brighten the appearance and the atmosphere in your house.

    This is one very hilarious pillow; it’s the emoji emoticon of poop, I mean I should have this given to my aunt for her birthday! It’s made from polypropylene and has a smiley face, two eyes, and mouth just like the one you see on your phone.

    It’s soft and comfortable enough to be utilized as a cushion or a pillow for your living room, bedroom even your office to make it look more humorous and also brighten the appearance.


    • This is a very fun and hilarious gift to offer to friends and family.
    • It is made with quality, comfortable and durable materials.
    • It appears even better in real life than it does on here.
    • It is a unique gift item that should make its receiver smile if not laugh.
    • It is very affordable.


    • It’s just too funny; the receiver of this gift might laugh their guts out!! Just kidding.

    Final Verdict

    I think you should order a few of this funny items, keep some in your house or office to brighten the appearance and add a humorous touch to the environment, and then offer some as gifts to your loved ones; there are no complaints about this item, it is absolutely recommended.

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