May 1, 2017
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Folding Circular Knife Necklage

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  • Carry a handy knife with the Folding Circular Knife Necklage. Grant and Gavin Hawk created the unique design. The Necklage has to be worn around the neck, and a particular locking mechanism can release the blade. It is made of stainless steel, and the product comes with a free Zombie Hunter Pocket Knife.

    Most people probably got tired of their regular everyday necklace and thought for a second. Why isn’t it unique enough maybe in different shapes? Or maybe comes along with a knife? And easy to carry around? Well, Grant and Kevin Hawk finally got you covered. They made something like that and very easy to wear too in a very fashionable way! Most people would think that’s impossible, but Grant and Kevin made it possible. Grant and Kevin Hawk are the best knife designers, in which they’ve been coming up with uniquely made and innovative knife designs since 1995. They’ve designed so many knives in the past, but this is the best so far. Attaching it with a necklace is a whole new level of innovative designs! This is a handy knife to be more specific, a neatly designed folding circular knife necklace. Easily worn around the neck with a particular locking mechanism which releases the blade. Made of stainless steel and also comes a perk.


    • This gift comes with a free pocket knife
    • Designed by pro knife designers Grant and Kevin Hawks
    • Can’t rust(made of stainless steel)
    • Very light in weight(most people may think it’s really heavy because of the knife included, but it’s weightless)
    • Includes a Necksling with bailout key


    • Not durable
    • Breaks easily (depending on what used for)
    • Too small to work with

    Final Verdict

    A fascinating thing about this product is the fact it was made by pro knife designers and also the simplicity of this product, Fashionable and very easy to use. Though this product comes with some flaws it’s really worth it especially for gifts under $100.

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