Jun 28, 2016
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Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float

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  • You can boost the toys of your kids with this floaty giant inflatable unicorn. It makes a nice toy that your children can play with. Your children can also watch the unicorn float in your pool. It has a matte finish that is luxurious as well as a fast deflate and inflate valve. You can also use a hairdryer or pump to inflate the toy through a special valve. The quick inflation ability of the toy implies that you can have more fun, with less hassle.

    floaty giant inflatable unicorn 1 - Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float

    Have some Floaty fun with this big inflatable unicorn, this beautiful product comes with a luxurious matte finish, and a quick and efficient inflate and deflate valve. You can simply use a pump or hairdryer to inflate the toy through its special valve. Who wouldn’t want to make their pool much more exciting? The answer to that question is no one,

    Here is one more thing that will lighten things up in the basin, more and more people are getting their Giant floating Unicorn.

    floaty giant inflatable unicorn 2 - Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float


    • Huge and beautiful unicorn everyone would love.
    • It’s quite affordable
    • It could serve as a lifesaver in cases of drowning
    • Buy and present it as a Gift to friends or family with large swimming pools.
    • It’s very portable, and you can take it with you to the beach


    • Sharp objects could puncture the Giant Inflatable Unicorn.

    Final Verdict

    I believe that this product is a genius creation and you love it more and more every time you set your eyes on it. Now you can have a big pony in the pool, quite impressive right?

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    FLOATY Giant 8 ft. Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float
    List Price: $99.00
    Price: $59.00
    You Save: $40.00
    small light - Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float
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