Jul 4, 2016
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Single Glitter Beard Kit

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  • Single Glitter Beard Kit

    Having beards have always been fashionable and continues to be. There are however other ways through which you can make your beard even more stylish and fashionable. One of such ways is by applying the glitter beard kit single. The container, however, comes with only a glitter beard that can only be used for single usage. It adds a glitter of gold to your beard. It is made from organic ingredient and allows you to step out with an attractive beard.

    Hey Guys, do you let your beard to grow out unkept or do you find it difficult to maintain your beard to glitter? You know, growing a beard is not easy for everyone.

    Patchy spots and stubborn bumps often infest the face of beard growers, but that’s about to come to an end all because of this amazing product.

    glitter beard kit 2 - Single Glitter Beard Kit

    The Glitter Beard Kit consists of a small pot of colored glitter, a 50ml bottle of beard glitter oil, and a bib; how do you use it? Just put the bib on to ensure that the glitter oil does not spill on your clothes, Then, apply the beard oil to condition it for the glitter application, and go on to apply the glitter.

    The whole oil could be dumped to go full blast with your new look or simply dab on the beard a little to make it shiny. Whichever way you choose, your seemingly boring and unkept beard should be a whole lot more attractive and better than before.

    The Glitter Beard Oil consists of a blend of essential oils which keeps the beard healthy and beautiful; some of these oils include vitamin E oil and sweet Almond oil. Glitterbeard is ideal for men, beard ladies, pets, thick chest hair or simply anyone who takes pride in his or her facial hair.

    Glitterbeard also pairs great with Beard Ornaments to season up your beard for the festive seasons! It is available in Red, Green, Gold and silver.

    glitter beard kit 1 - Single Glitter Beard Kit


    • The Glitterbeard Kit helps you to change your look to how you want.
    • It comes in different colors and makes you have the choice of color to use.
    • The Glitterbeard Kit is a great Gift item that will be appreciated by any bearded guy.
    • It is quite affordable


    • You can’t wear it to the office.

    Final Verdict

    The Glitter Beard Kit is a lovely and unique gift- item that could be offered to friends and other male family members. I recommend it for Celebrities, Comedians, beard growers, furry pets and those who nurture hair on their chest; this product is highly recommended.

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