Apr 22, 2016
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Glow in the dark Lipstick

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  • Glow in the dark Lipstick

    Adjust the party mood with fluorescent orange neon lipstick. The orange color is usually vibrant during the day and in a black light, it glows to super bright neon orange. The lipstick is easy and smooth during application. You can also use the lipstick on your skin or your hair to enhance your body artwork. The lipstick is nontoxic ad completely safe to use on the different parts of your body.

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    • Oh man, there is something VERY sexy about lipstick that glows in the dark. In a dark room, that is all that I see? That will have me crawling up the walls in no time!

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      Corey Westbrooke June 8, 2016 1:54 pm Reply

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