Aug 15, 2016
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Hands-Free Party Floatation Device

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  • This is for the water lovers, the future of floating in water is here, we introduce to you the Floaty Pants, for too long we have been coerced into struggling to stay afloat in the water, or struggling to keep upright saddles in the lake, pool or the deep end of the water, but the battle has come to an end.

    The Floaty Pants is a beautiful creation that is worn like your regular pants but is stuffed with water resistance and super-floaty EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) foam which allows you float and navigate your way in the water well balanced and comfortably.

    They let you Float high in the water, and you get to hold your drink higher than your friends in the pool, and they come in Red, Blue, a bikini design, camouflage, etc. go on and get yours and join the movement.

    Enjoy floating in the pool with the Floaty Pants Floatation Device. You can now be hands-free in the pool and chitter chatter around without having to swim or hold on to stay afloat. Simply buckle up into the Floaty Pants and you can move around quickly, grab a drink or do what you feel like doing. It can be a great accessory for a poolside party.

    61uj1qkH1gL - Hands-Free Party Floatation Device


    • Stuffed with EPE (expanded polyethylene) foam which lets you float no matter your weight just make sure you get a bigger size if you got more junk in the trunk than necessary.
    • The crotch area is made of flexible and tender neoprene to enhance the comfort level where it counts.
    • They are 69 percent sexier than sea noodles.
    • The outer fabric is made of water resistance Nylon. To enable you to stay in the water for as long as you want.
    • They are 50 percent sexier than the regular life jacket.


    You might spend the whole day in the water, thereby missing important activities, which is negative, so you are advised not to get addicted to this awesome product.

    Final Verdict

    I think the Floaty Pants is very hot, sexy, and important for someone like me who finds it difficult to stay afloat in the pool, It like make a unique and perfect Gift for water lovers (especially the ones that can’t swim) so I have made up my mind to get two pieces of this beautiful technology, one for me and the other for my mum. Here’s to happy Floating.

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    61spVpceJQL - Hands-Free Party Floatation Device

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