Jul 30, 2016
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Lego Build on Coffee Mug

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  • Legos have been there for several years, and children of all ages love Legos. This Build on Coffee Mug is an ideal gift for a child who is a Lego enthusiast. The mug is of 12-ounce capacity and the external surface doubles up as a Lego build surface. Think over the coffee and build something nice and interesting.

    This is one lovely creation, it is a 12 ounce capacity mug which lets you build on it with building bricks; what do you think about having coffee in the morning while constructing with your favorite building blocks, the coffee mug is compatible with pixel blocks, Lego, kre-o, k’nex bricks and mega blocks. For those that seriously need to stay awake for a meeting or something else, this mug will let you have enough caffeine and build on your cup giving you enough reasons to stay conscious.

    In the case of kids you know how much kids love Legos, the build on coffee mug is a perfect Gift for children that are Lego enthusiasts, the cup’s body surface serves as a Lego build surface, what you construct is up to you.


    • It holds up to twelve ounces of coffee
    • It is very affordable
    • It can serve as a toy for the kids
    • It is a perfect and unique gift for kids and adults alike.
    • Drink some coffee and construct something too


    • It doesn’t come with any bricks
    • It appears to come in just one color which seems to be Grey.

    Final Verdict

    I believe that this cup was made for me because I get to go to morning meetings around 9 am every day, now I have a mug that lets me have caffeine and build stuff thereby keeping me awake.


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