Jun 29, 2016
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The P.L.A.Y. Wobble Ball

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  • Everybody loves to play regularly. The will to play is however not limited to humans alone as animals also love to play too. The P.L.A.Y. Wobble Ball is a type of toy that you can buy for your dog. This pet toy is an interactive and fun treat toy and not a fetch or chew toy. It also comes with a threading that is very strong, which makes it safe to use and simple to clean. It can also be cleaned with a dishwasher.

    This product is a nicely constructed treat like a toy that will definitely grab the attention of your furry friends.

    Plenty of food aggressions emerges from a dog learning to appropriately guard his or her feeding bowl and could lead to some quite severe issues, but the good news is that there is now a training process to take care of this,

    The P. L. A. Y Wobble treat dispenser dog toy allows your pooch work for its launch, and there won’t be any bowl to guard.

    Gobblers like Fidji (my dog) will also benefit from the treat dispensing toys. The gobblers are dogs who act like they have being starved for weeks and just swallow whole their food without chewing. This behavior often leads to health issues ranging from bloating to vomiting, so using a toy that slowly dispenses food will help.

    The ball was designed to come in three pieces, and it has a spot under it to keep extra treats. It’s easy to dismantle and rearrange also filling it with dog food isn’t rocket science.

    Just tighten the ball, then put the food or treats into the side holes.


    • The P. L. A. Y Wobble Ball will help slow down the gobblers and also assist the dog in overcoming food aggressions.
    • It is very affordable
    • Perfect Gift for your dog
    • It comes in three different colors;


    • This item has been great so far no complaints here.

    Final Verdict

    This item is the best treat dispensing toys I’ve seen, and it’s the kind of toy that will always need your dog’s focus and wit, thereby sharpening their minds and feeding them as well.

    I got the orange one for Fidji for her birthday, I’m confident it will help with her food aggressions and gobbling problems.

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