Aug 13, 2016
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Rainbow Color Shimmer Highlighter

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  • Use the latest Rainbow Color Shimmer Highlighter to add colors to your makeup. The main advantage is that each product is handmade to give natural color effect to the makeup in rainbow colors. It’s a bronzer of 33g using which you can gloss your face to get the rainbow colors to add some cheeky elements and contour lines.

    For you ladies out there, this is a great addition to your makeup collection! This product is handmade (not involving the use of any machine) to give natural beautiful color effect to your makeup in rain effects. This product is unlike your regular highlighter. The rainbow effect gives it a unique feel and singles you out from the crowd. This product is fantastic and would definitely WOW your expectations. It has this bright rainbow glow that every girl would love.


    • Suitable for any complexion.
    • It has a great compact, with a soft but fragile brush.
    • Leaves a beautiful rainbow color on your cheekbones.
    • Good ingredients to compliment it’s quality (tobacco herb and shimmer powder).
    • Easy to wear.
    • Long lasting.


    • It won’t look good as you see in the pictures if not applied correctly.
    • It takes weeks to ship.
    • The brush doesn’t last long. The hair is also fragile and can be easily pulled out.

    Final Verdict

    This is a unique product suitable for every lady as it gives a breathtaking glowing feeling when applied. It is a standout when compared to another highlighter due to its beautiful prism-like colors, with an exotic appearance that’ll keep people staring for hours! This is a great addition to your makeup collection.

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