Apr 1, 2017
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Sea Animals Power Boat

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  • Get your custom made Seabreacher Semi-Submersible Watercraft. The manufacturers are now selling customized design with color as per customer request. The top selling designs are shaped like Shark, Killer Whale, and Dolphins. They are mostly in 260hp powered engines and only one model, the Seabreacher Z model is capable of doing a 360-degree barrel roll in the water.

    Here’s one invention I’ve been in love with for days, the Seabreacher X is the most advanced submergeable watercraft that has ever been built up to date.

    They look like real sea creatures like the dolphin, shark and killer whale with a 260hp Super engine capable of propelling the entire body to a high speed of 50mph on top the water and 25mph below the water. The Seabreacher will sustain very high-speed dives then come back up to the surface of the water, while raising the entire vessel to the air above the water then landing back on the water like a real dolphin, shark or killer whale swimming except you’ll be the one controlling it.

    The customized tuned exhaust system gives the vessel a very deep growl as it rips through the water. It also comes with small mounted video cameras that transmit live videos to the LCD screens for the passengers and pilots during dives, on board sound system with iPod docking space.


    • A perfect Gift for the sea lovers, this is an opportunity for them to explore the sea to the fullest.
    • It looks very impressive: Very sleek and modern design
    • It’s custom made
    • Comes with cameras so the pilot can view his entire environment.
    • It also comes with radio


    • Expensive, it’s quite difficult to own thanks to the price tag.

    Final verdict

    I love this invention and will live to get my hands on one of them.

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