Jul 25, 2016
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Self Sharpening Knife Set

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  • Self Sharpening Knife Set

    Keep your cutlery sharp at all times with the Calphalon Self Sharpening Knife Set. SharpIN technology which includes ceramic sharpeners keeps the knives always sharp with each use. Seven knives are included in the set which includes a Chef’s Knife, Serrated Utility Knife, Santoku, Parer, Steak Knife, Shears and the sharpening block. Each knife is manufactured from high-carbon to provide them with high strength.

    Keep your knives sharp and safe with this excellent item, Calphalon Ltd makes this product; it features a set of twelve knives within slot sharpeners that are beautifully designed to sharpen the knives.

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    The knife set consists of an excellent selection of crucial chef knives for chopping, dicing, shredding, slicing, etc. and six steak knives for Family meals.

    The Ceramic sharpeners are fixed right inside the block and efficiently sharpen straight edged knives thereby making the preparation of dinner, lunch, and breakfast quite comfortable!

    The blocks will sharpen the knives every time you remove or place the blades into the block; this is a beautiful Gift to present to your friends and family.

    41IDsFbIRIL - Self Sharpening Knife Set


    • The self-sharp knife set comes with quality knives, and the storage block itself is made from high-quality materials which make this product very durable and rigid.
    • The knives have Labeled handles for easy identification.
    • It is an essential part of the kitchen
    • It is very affordable


    • The knives are become so sharp and might cut your hands if you aren’t careful.

    Final Verdict

    I think that this is a great product, it’s quality is impeccable, and it makes my cutting, dicing and slicing in the kitchen much easier than it used to be, I urge you to get one now and be glad you did.

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