Apr 5, 2017
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Shape Shifting Spine Chair

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  • Create your own Custom Spyndi Chair. It consists of 60-75 pieces of wood which can be interlocked to create different chair designs. The designers claim that they got their idea of this interlocking chair from the human spine design. The pieces can be fitted into one another to make it suit the need and design to fit any individual. Even though these are pieces locked together, they are sturdy and bendable at the same time.

    Pimp your home with the Ollie Shape-shifting chair, presenting to you a slatted wooden seat that transforms from a comfortable chair to a smaller unit for easier storage. What makes the Ollie chair transform lies in the sturdy aluminum base; this beautiful invention is available in several colors like silver, white, black, etc. the light base completes the durable and hard tambour wood with style.  It also comes with hinges in the middle of the seat and along the legs. Simply tug a string to food flat the entire chair.

    The Ollie shape-shifting chair’s design was carefully thought out and made to produce a very ergonomic structure for your back.

    It will look awesome inside or outside your home, this chair maximizes the space and creates a comfortable and beautiful seat anywhere anytime. In addition to all the sweet features of the chair is, the Ollie shape-shifting chair is both warp and rust resistance.



    • The ergonomic structure makes it perfect for your back’s health.
    • Quite portable can be along to places like impromptu events, to the train station, etc
    • An excellent choice of decoration for your living room or any part of the house.
    • Very durable
    • A perfect Gift for your family or friends.
    • Easily storable


    • Quite expensive

    Final Verdict

    I Think it is a wonderfully thought out invention of our time, I mean I got one of these chairs, and they are great for my back, sitting on the chair cured my backache. Get yours now.

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