Apr 13, 2017
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Soft Bottom Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

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  • Add some fun over the typical mouse pads with the Tangible Wrist Rest Big Bottom Mouse Pad. It is a 3D mousepad which has the big bottoms of an anime game girl which doubles up as the wrist pad. It’s made of high quality silicon providing support to the wrist. It gives good movement area and is available in two sizes.

    I’m always on my laptop from Monday to Saturday, and I spend at least ten good hours on my computer, not surprisingly I did develop soreness on my hands and wrist.

    In the beginning, it was my gaming hand that was hurt, but I then noticed my mouse hand was affected too! I will describe it as an unbearable aching pain in the hand/wrist area up to my arm.

    Occasionally I have felt tingling needles and pins on my ring/pinky finger mainly; it appeared to come and go some days apart than the other. So I spoke to a pal about this annoying problem when I was through explaining myself; he then spoke of this fancy and high-quality soft bottom wrist rest Mouse pad.

    I came on here placed an order and started using it, guess what the pain is gone and my wrist is at its best health wise, it is a 3D mouse pad that comes with big buttocks of a beautiful anime girl which serves as the wrist pad.

    The very soft bottom of the anime girl serves as a comfortable pillow for your wrist, and the smooth surface lets your mouse work at its best.


    • It’s quite affordable
    • It’s perfect for the wrist
    • It’s a perfect Gift for people that are always on the laptop
    • The design is quite unique and beautiful


    • It may seem inappropriate for kids to look at.

    Final Verdict

    I think that this ergonomic mouse pad is perfect for me and people that are always on their PC working or gaming, so their wrist doesn’t develop such miserable problems like mine did before I found these great mouse pads. Hurry up and buy yours

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