Jul 21, 2016
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Solar Cap Charger

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  • Solar Cap Charger

    Charge your phone on the run with SOLSOL Solar Cap. It’s the first of its kind that taps into renewable energy. It does not need a battery and is safe as there is no electromagnetic radiation emitted. The operating current falls in the range of 150mA to 278 mA and can be used with most smartphones, headphones, digital cameras, speakers and other smart devices.

    This is almost the most amazing item I’ve come across today, introducing a battery-free solar powered phone charger! The solar hat charges and extends the battery life of your Android cell phone, iPhone, etc.

    The amazing invention offers clean and renewable energy to your phone when the sun land on the small Solar panels on the flat brim of the hat.

    The solar cap charger is one hundred percent safe (so don’t worry about it exploding on your head during usage), it is designed just like the traditional snapback fitted hat, which makes it very comfortable and light plus it is absolutely water resistant.

    31FLhwPfZlL - Solar Cap Charger


    • It’s fashionable and stylish.
    • It charges my I phone very fast.
    • It is unisex and a perfect Gift to present to anybody.
    • It comes in many colors, including pink.
    • It keeps you shaded and cool.


    • I’m still yet to find something wrong with this product, once I do I won’t hesitate to let you know.

    Final Verdict

    I think the Solar Charger Cap is an excellent invention and a perfect Gift for anybody; it will look great on grandma too.

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