Jul 27, 2016
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The Star Trek Communicator

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  • The Star Trek Communicator

    Gift the child with The Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator on his birthday or on scoring high marks. The product has been scanned to produce the exactly same look as in the show and is the first of its kind. This working Star Trek Communicator can connect with any Bluetooth phone.

    Get your Kid ready for the supreme Star Trek adventure with the fantastic original series Star Trek communicator! It comes with clips, and sound effects from the great series, every one of these limited items features an elegant deluxe window box packaging and pop open design.

    Your kids can’t be seen on their next away mission without these portable lifesavers; it simply requires two AA batteries.

    Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator 1 - The Star Trek Communicator


    • It’s very affordable
    • It’s the perfect Gift for any Kid; I guarantee he or she will love it.
    • Its design is impeccable
    • Made from high-quality materials, thereby making it very durable.


    • It does not come in many colors

    Final Verdict

    I think The Star Trek communicator will make a great gift for the kids and will make a lot of fun times for them also; they will appreciate this item, I urge you to get yours as soon as possible.

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    Star Trek: The Original Series: Communicator
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    small light - The Star Trek Communicator
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