Jul 4, 2016
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Star Wars R2D2 Mini Vacuum

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  • Star Wars R2D2 Mini Vacuum

    The star wars R2D2 desktop vacuum can be powered with a USB port. Cleaning your dirty workstations can easily be achieved with the aid of this vacuum cleaner. You can now easily remove every fluff, crumbs, dust and other dirt on your monitor, keyboard and other parts of the workstation. All you have to do is start the vacuum cleaner and allow it do all the cleaning for you. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about the dirty state of your workstation anymore.

    It is evident; you have been cleaning your little devices at home and office with much efforts and energy put in, to make them look neat and nice. You are commended! Here we have a product that will help you clean up all the dust, crumbs and dirt that will normally be difficult to get rid of with your bare hands or napkins, the little robot known as Star-Wars r2d2-Mini vacuum. This small toy-like robot is built to do adequately and perfectly cleaning up that pesky dirt. How?

    Get some assistance from this astronaut droid that will help you to clean your desktop environment in a blink of the eye.

    It is the little version of the popular Star Wars R2D2. This desktop vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning on top of small table cleaning. At his low height, R2D2 sucks up clouds of dust and crumbs through the use of his front leg and has a screwed top lid that makes it very easy to empty his content when he is filled with dirt and crumbs.

    R2D2 puts on a kind of war character, brave, useful, quick and cute. Like the way he fought in Galactic Empire war to save  Luke Skywalker, he is putting up all that experience to good use, to face his biggest challenge of tackling the mess you make at your workstation and on other devices.

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    The R2D2 desktop vacuum comes with a micro USB cable that is plugged into any standard USB port or USB mains adapter. The robot is activated and brought to action by pressing the power button located on his head. It is perfect for small cleaning jobs, such as small crumbs and pencil shavings. He also cleans the keyboard and workstations.


    • It saves you time and energy to do the cleaning.
    • It is perfect for cleaning up the mess on your desktop, workstation and other similar devices at home and in the office.
    • It is user-friendly.
    • The R2D2 Vacuum cleaner is affordable.


    • R2D2 is not suitable for children under 36 months. I recommend it for children that are six years and above.

    Final Verdict

    It is good for gift item to friends, families, and children who are above six years.

    I can stake my money for it to help do some small cleaning jobs in the office and after meals.

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