Aug 1, 2016
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Super Grip Lock

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  • Safeguard against thieves with this Super Grip Lock for Deadbolt. Several products in the market will keep you safe from thieves and this one is a simple accessory that can prevent your deadbolt from opening up even when opened using a key or any other device. It is of 19 inches length and has to be hooked up to the deadbolt and the handle in a tight setup and you can have a safe and sound sleep.

    You can never be too safe, when it comes to security I take advantage of every single opportunity I get to stay safe and so should you, The Super Grip lock is a very simple looking but genius creation that can help to a great extent to keep thieves away from your home, it works on almost every dead bolt. You can take it along with you when you travel to lock your hotel or motel doors; it protects your door even if the intruder has a bump key or a spare key to the door. It effectively wraps around your doorknobs and deadbolts handle and prevents it from turning, It is an easy to use fabric strap that will prevent the deadbolt from turning, simply lose it in the case of fire in other to escape, this is an excellent invention now my ex won’t have the opportunity to break in my house whenever he wants.

    So whether you are renting an apartment or you are a homeowner or live in a dorm room in college, you are at risk, but we have a reliable solution to that which is the Super Grip Lock. It is very easy to use: simply attach the hook and loop strap to the dead bolt and handle on the inside of each and every door of the house to ensure absolute peace of mind.


    • Your door remains locked even with its key
    • Secures your motel or hotel rooms
    • It’s very affordable
    • Very easy to set up and it locks the door in seconds


    • In the case of an emergency it might stop you from escaping from your room on time.

    Final Verdict

    I believe that this is a reliable measure to take in order to be safe some more, I personally plan on getting five pieces of the Super Grip Lock strap, I’ll use two for my home and give three away as Gifts to my loved ones.

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    Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Accessory
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    Price: $10.99
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