May 3, 2016
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Survival Bandana

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  • Survival Bandana

    The Survival Bandana is not your average bandana! This Bandana is a must have headgear when you are hiking in strangest unfamiliar places. Carrying this with you is like bringing the handbook for survival with you wherever you go, only better! You get to cover your head from the scorching sun while at the time; you can always turn to the survival tips imprinted on the bandana in the case of emergencies.  These survival tips are arranged in topics to help you in different situations such as SOS, Purifying Water, Starting a Fire, etc. The Survival Bandana is made of a soft polyester fabric that is very durable. It is Orange in color and triangular in shape with two safety pins! An excellent gift for outdoor enthusiasts!

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    Survival Bandana by OEM
    List Price: $8.73
    Price: $8.73
    small light - Survival Bandana
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