Jul 27, 2016
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The Nuts Soap

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  • The Nuts Soap

    Know Thy Nuts Soap is a part of the Testicular Cancer Awareness drive. It comes with a rope, and you can use it in your house to spread the awareness. The soap has a testicular safety guide that provides information to maintain healthy testicles and how to check for any issues.

    In support of Testicular Cancer Awareness, here is the Nuts Soap! Let it all hang out with the Know Thy Nuts soap-on-a-rope, hang this soap right at home in your bathroom, shower, or guest bathroom.

    While you are admiring your excellent new pair of soapy nuts, take some time to get familiar with yours. If you discover any swelling, lumps, pain or anything that feels wrong see your physician.

    The fantastic soap is scent free and color free and is made from the proceeds from the Foundation’s testicular cancer initiatives.


    • It’s hilarious
    • It helps in the fight on cancer
    • It’s a perfect Gift for the Guys
    • It has a very friendly price tag
    • It’s made with the best ingredients to ensure it washes your body correctly.


    • It might not be April appropriate for kids

    Final Verdict

    I think the nut soap is a hilarious product and will be an excellent gift for me to offer my fiancé and his kid brother; they’ll surely love and appreciate it…

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