Apr 19, 2016
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Tribord Snorkeling Mask

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  • Practice underwater breathing with the Tribord Snorkeling Mask. For beginners, this is the best product which will help to increase their belief in breathing underwater effectively. After a few days of practice with the snorkeling device, one will become an expert in underwater diving. It makes breathing easy under the water and increases the fun of exploring underwater.

    For people that are having certain issues about diving and swimming in full length, the Tribord snorkeling mask was invented to make sea diving, ocean diving and all other forms of diving experiences a worthwhile and safe one for whoever is trying. The mask is designed basically to foster assistance inside the water bodies which makes it easy to see underwater and also breathe. Tribord Easybreath brings you live under water, a full face snorkeling mask device that is supposed to be worn over the head to make breathing underwater a brilliant and not a bitter experience as it is for new divers and sometimes for divers in general.  Through a system of air flow, these masks are not prone to fogging. Though as with any mask, you do need to keep it clean.

    For beginners who are just starting out at full ocean diving, the Tribord EasyBreathe snorkeling mask can be a boon, after all, there is no tutorial attach to the description of getting to use the Tribord Easybreathe, it only requires you to comfortably put it on for a comfortable breathing just like you on earth. And peradventure, you are not a beginner, this mask is an excellent device if you have challenges with sore jaws or mouth holding onto the snorkel, the Tribord EasyBreathe full-face snorkeling mask helps you to solve those issues and helps you breathe fine under water.

    Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Dive Gear to Buy - Tribord Snorkeling Mask


    • Designed to be safe and durable: the splinter designed polycarbonate window of the tribord easybrethe adds to the safety and resistance level of the mask
    • Comes in color and size: the easybreathe snorkel mask comes in three different colors and of 4 distinguishing variant size to best fit into the smallest of kids and the tallest of adults
    • Easy to use for beginners: for people that are starting out at diving, the full face snorkel mask can be a blessing in favor as there is no certain description of how to use, all that is needed to be done is put the snorkeling mask on and breathe normally.
    • Made to suit professional divers: the easy breathe snorkeling mask is also designed for those that are not beginners but also for those that have been in the practice a long time and should in case they are having challenges with their mouth holding on to the snorkel, the easybreathe helps to ease that and for those that have issues with sore jaws, the easybreathe snorkel mask help to keep the whole head in a cool and constant breathing process
    • The snorkel is built dry into all the full face snorkel mask: what this simply means is that if the water waves come over you or maybe you submerged the snorkel, this will stop the water from coming inside the snorkel and this is a very important invention and thus it is very much recommended.


    • One of the flaws of this device is that if you dive with the full face mask on as there are no way to equalize the pressure in your ears that increases as you dive down. The constant large chunk of air in the mask creates a firm pressure on the face that cannot be relieved as you dive down the water body unlike with a normal snorkel mask which allows you to breathe out slightly through the nose. So it’s best to stay away from this full face mask if you’re the type that likes the adventure of diving to the ends of the water to see some more wonderful creatures of the world.

    Final verdict

    Except from the cons, this diving device is good for those that want to experience the feeling of the water body around them and sightseeing the wonderful creatures in the sea. So yeah, we recommend this any day and at any time for both beginners and experts hoping to explore more of the underwater.

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