Aug 14, 2016
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Unicorns are Jerk Coloring Book

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  • Had enough of those boring coloring books? Get quirky and roll-over with laughter with the Unicorns are Jerk Coloring Book by Nicole Lorenz. Change the way you look at unicorns and their elegance and get ready to add some color to the unicorns doing weird things in eighteen pages of fun and frolic.

    Expose the cool, funny, jerky and dope side of the unicorns with this excellent Unicorn Colouring Book,

    I know you believe the popular misconception that unicorns are all magical, mysterious, gentle, cute and girly, well that’s a lie they can be really cool, jerky and they could wear dope eye glasses and even smoke cigarettes.

    Design and decorate the beautiful unicorns to look like jerks, cool and dope with this coloring book, the Theo Nicole’s Lorenz’s funny, offbeat beautiful Coloring books features up to eighteen samples of cute unicorns farting in elevators, texting in the theater, eating your leftovers and generally acting funny and jerky.


    • It is a perfect gift for the lovers of the unicorn.
    • It is very affordable.
    • It is funny, hilarious and fun, I mean I’m not a kid, but I find myself going through the pages and coloring the funny unicorns.


    • It doesn’t come with its own set of coloring pencils.

    Final Verdict

    I think I’m getting one for my kid sister as she is obsessed with unicorns and this is an opportunity for her to color and design the unicorn to her taste.

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