May 14, 2016
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Hmmm, that would be a good thing for women to …

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  • Comment on UZI Glass Breaker TacPen by Nancy Fritz.

    Hmmm, that would be a good thing for women to carry around, don’t you think? I like the glass breaker part. I always had a fear that I would end up in a lake with the windows rolled up.

    Nancy Fritz Also Commented

    UZI Glass Breaker TacPen
    Do you think this would be a good gift for a teenager? You just never know right?

    UZI Glass Breaker TacPen
    This is really cool. It compact, easy to use and could save a person’s life.

    UZI Glass Breaker TacPen
    I have heard of people using a spark plug to break windows and that was pretty cool. Being able to have a weapon like this in your pocket is useful in many different ways.

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